Monday, July 27, 2009

The Curry House Review

After church one day, my friend Janice brought me to the Curry House in Cypress. The Curry House is a chain of restaurants throughout California, which offers Japanese style curries and spaghetties (interesting-has anyone tried the spaghetties?). She recommended the Iced Green Tea to go along with the meal, which I fell in love with. So one afternoon when I was craving their Iced Green Tea, I grabbed my hubbie and brought him there for a quick lunch. I ordered the Tofu and Ground Chicken Curry ($10.85) that came with a Green Salad and garlic spinach rice, as well as the Iced Green Tea of course.

I enjoyed my dish -- its not the classic Asian curry that my mom used to make from the curry cubes you buy in the supermarket. It actually had some acidity to the dish (which i believe is from lemon juice), a very mildly spicy undertone, and a subtle curry flavor. It tastes great with the garlic spinach rice--which I'm going to attempt to cook some day. I'll let you know how that goes. I love the salad dressing, which apparently you can buy from the restaurant. My husband ordered the extra spicy Chicken and Ginger Curry ($11.05), which he happily scarfed down. I tried a few bites and enjoyed the flavor as well. Probably a bit too spicy for me (I have a low spicy threshold-I must be an Asian mutant!) but it tasted like a nice cross between Asian curry and Indian curry. Maybe I'll try that next time, but only if they can knock down the spice level a couple notches for me....

Now, I had convinced my husband how great the Iced Green Tea ($2.50) was...but, alas, he sadly disagreed. Hehe. He's kind of an iced tea purist. I, on the other hand, am not. Ok ok, so I know that the Iced Green Tea is from a powder... (I asked the first time I was there, since I thought it was a bit unusual in consistency and rather turbid in color for a pure tea as you can see from the photo). But something about the flavor is pleasing to my palate. Its sliiightly thicker than a normal iced tea drink. Its mildly sweet but not too sweet. So, when I tried to explain to my husband why I liked it so much, I realized that it is because it reminds me of... green tea ice cream. Granted it is not creamy like green tea ice cream, but, it is somewhat reminiscent of the flavor in a drink form. 

Price of food: Moderately priced (average dish about 11 dollars)
Quality of food: 3.5 stars for the price of food (nothing fabulous but worth an occasional visit in my mind for more of that weirdly addictive Iced Green Tea)
Service: Excellent
Environment: Comfortable, clean
Would I go back?: Yes
Recommended?: Not mind blowing food, but worth a try if you're in the mood for some Asian curry...with what? ahh yes...the iced green tea.

The Curry House
Meridian Plaza
10953 Meridian Dr.
Cypress, CA

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Amy said...

The green tea sounds quite intriguing!!!

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