Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream Store Review - Bar Harbor, Maine

After dinner one of the nights we were in Maine, we decided to look for an ice cream place. I found on Yelp, the Mount Desert Island Ice Cream store with rave reviews. What caught my attention was the reviewers comments on all the unique flavors the store offered (lobster ice cream--can we say eww?, salted caramel, bay of figs, squash, mango passionfruit sorbet with chili oil, neato doritos, stout?). Wowser!! I'm game for crazy flavors! So we trekked from our inn all the way down to Bar Harbor to try some some of these C-R-A-Z-Y ice cream flavors. 
The night we were there, some of the crazy flavors they offered were salt caramel, blueberry basil sorbet, grapefruit tarragon sorbet, chocolate wasabi, ginger, thai chili, blackstrap banana, strawberry champagne sorbet, cosmopolitan sorbet... They offer up to 3 samples...So i tried a sample of the chocolate wasabi. Actually quite good! You first taste chocolate, and then BAM! The wasabi hits your taste buds! Totally interesting. Not sure if I could handle a whole cone of that level of heat though. Next I sampled the ginger. WOH GINGER explosion! Too potent for me because of the intense spiciness of the ginger. But if you love ginger, this is for you! Last, I tried a sample of the thai chili, feeling a little uncertain as to what to expect. Will it taste like hot sauce? curry? actual chilis? Well, it felt like my mouth was full of peanut butter/chili sauce. Actually, what it really tasted like was a satay sauce (the kind you would dip chicken into). Weird. Not my thing. Couldn't finish the spoon..ew! Ok, so now I was left with a big decision...what do I actually buy after sampling those weird flavors? Ah sigh, I was gutless! I was worried about going for a bizarro flavor that I would hate and waste my money on. So, I ended up trying the blueberry basil sorbet, grapefruit tarragon sorbet, and strawberry champagne sorbet. I enjoyed the blueberry basil sorbet although you really have to like basil because it is quite prominent. The grapefruit tarragon was also delicious. The grapefruit was not too tart, light, and really refreshing. The strawberry champagne sorbet tasted like Haagen Daz strawberry sorbet with a hint of the champagne. Not terribly exciting but solid. Overall, I had a really fun experience there. I would go back for the novelty of trying more of their unusual flavors since they obviously change their flavors frequently. 
Ok, so I didn't have a good photo, so I uploaded a video...its just of the ice cream, so no point to really watching it :)

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Amy said...

OK, just have to say that you're really brave...sounds like fun!

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