Sunday, November 13, 2011

{trader joe's dark chocolate minty mallows review}

on my way out of trader joe's the other day, these cute boxes of minty mallows caught my eye. i love marshmallows, in small quantities {and especially roasted on a stick}. gourmet flavored marshmallows are popular and can be quite expensive. so, at $3.99, i definitely wanted to give these a try! these marshmallows are quite good. i can eat maybe 1 or 2 in a sitting, then it becomes really sweet. what i enjoy about these treats is that the marshmallow is quite chewy, with a nice punch of peppermint. this is then nicely complemented with the more bitter dark chocolate. kind of reminds me of a chewy version of a peppermint patty. all in all, i would say, good job trader joe's! me likey!

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