Sunday, August 9, 2009

Popovers - Jordan Pond Restaurant Review in Maine Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is absolutely gorgeous and if you have a chance to visit Maine, it’s a must-see. Halfway through the park, there is a restaurant famous for popovers called the Jordan Pond restaurant. (What's a popover? It's a hollow-roll that is made of egg batter that spills over the sides of the muffin tin when baked in the oven -- hence POP OVER! :)) The outside seating was unfortunately full so we had to sit inside, but if we did sit outside, we would have had the benefit of eating these popovers while taking in the spectacular views of the mountains and Jordan pond.

I’ve had some good popovers at the Popover Café in NYC so I figured, how good could these be? But, we were hungry for a little snack so we decided to stop in. And oh boy, am I glad we did. These popovers were, in one word – ahhhmazing. Popover Café, move over! These puffy creations were served piping hot, flaky, with a barely burnt (which I loved) flavor of slightly sweet eggy cake dough that was crunchy and chewy in all the right places. (For the Chinese people who have eaten egg cakes from the egg cake lady in Chinatown, it kind of tastes like that, but a lighter fluffier version...yummy) The popover was absolute perfection, especially when smeared with their strawberry jam. All you could hear was my husband and I “MM-mming” the whole time as we devoured the popovers. Ahh, how I will miss you while I’m in California. But, I did get the recipe. Hopefully they divulged all of their ingredients. I will give it a try sometime in the future and share it with all of you if they work out. 


Amy said...

I can totally hear the "MM-mming" now. Hope to try your popovers or meet the egg cake lady :-)

Yvonne said...

Sadly, the egg cake lady took her recipe and left Chinatown after making her millions...So never again will anyone be able to taste those yummy creations..

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