Sunday, July 26, 2009

Portfolio Coffeehouse Review

Yesterday, my husband and I ventured down to Portfolio Coffeehouse to be studious. Portfolio is a highly rated and regarded coffeehouse in the Long Beach area. We went at a perfect time for studying - moderate amount of people that were all there to do the same thing - work on their computers or to study. The other great thing was the soft music, or was there any music? :) 

I've tried their Iced Chai once. I watched them make it and I realized, I can do that for so much less than 4 dollars! Yikes! (I'll share that easy one in another post). So I figured, the next time I go, I'll purchase something that is at least a little more difficult for me to make at home. I decided to try their Iced Passion Fruit Tea with a few pumps of mango syrup. My husband went with their Illy-brand coffee. Both of us were satisfied with our drinks. I'll have to say though, the caffeine level in those drinks must be crazy because I felt my mind becoming a little hazy from the caffeine (my husband as well!). Maybe its not related to the drink though. haha. After drinking his coffee, he decided to try an iced tea as well, which looked disturbingly turbid, unlike mine. Hmm.....

I also tried a slice of Boston Creme pie, based on a recommendation from a past colleague. I was a little full from lunch, so I admit that I didn't finish it. It was good though. Not the most delicious piece of cake ever, but a nice departure from typical Starbuck snacks. It was a basic 2 layer vanilla cake with a chocolate mousse-like substance and creme (which was kind of like a vanilla pudding) in the middle. 

Portfolio seems to be a great place to go if you want a break from reading at Starbucks or Barnes and Nobles. Although, if you're planning to go study, don't go there on a Wednesday since there's open mic night. 

Next thing to try--a Cappuccino....
Oh, and one more important thing, there's FREE WIFI! Yay!
Friends, let me know if you ever want to go read there! Always love study buddies! :)

Drinks: 4.5 stars (Iced tea, Iced chai) 
Environment: Excellent
Would I go back?: Absolutely!
Still awaiting a trial of their cappuccino, other desserts, and one of their paninis.....
Comments: WiFi!!
Portfolio Coffeehouse
2300 E 4th St.
Long Beach, CA

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