Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{ innobaby packin' SMART review }

my baby boy, within the last week, has been somewhat able to pincer grasp gerber puffs and put them into his gummy mouth, albeit with some difficulty. L.O.V.E it. i love how he sometimes grabs a puff in his hand and misses his mouth. i love how the puff sometimes sticks to his palm or the sides of his chubby fingers and he doesn't know how to move it into his mouth, so he tries sticking his whole hand into his mouth. its exciting when he actually puts the puff into his mouth. {clap clap clap!} now as i'm blogging about it, it reminds me that i need to video tape him eating puffs to capture that moment forever.

i've actually been excitedly waiting for my little man to be able to start eating those little gerber graduate puffs. why you ask? so i can put the puffs into these cute little innobaby containers that i bought a while back (and because its a source of entertainment for him when we are out at a restaurant). i first heard about innobaby through this awesome baby deals website that features a few products two times a day, called babysteals.

I purchased the innobaby packin' smart (safari pattern) line because i loved the sorbet colors and animal prints on the sides. cuteness! it comes with 5 small stackable containers, which allows you to place 5 different snacks, without them becoming crushed in the bottom of your diaper bag like they would if you used a plastic bag!! how great is that?! you can use as few, or as many containers as you want. right now, i'm using only 3. each little container has a funnel top that allows you to dump out the snacks onto a tray if you don't have the top lid in place (not sure if i really like that feature, but it has its benefits). they are quite sturdy, since just today, i dropped it on a hard tile floor and no cracks. so, i have some apple cinnamon puffs in one, strawberry yogurt melts in another, and some cheese puffs in another. the other great thing about these containers is that you can use it for other things when your baby is older, like putting in candies, spices, beads, jewelry, anything to keep you organized!! so all in all, a great invention and an item i would recommend for mommas that like to bring snacks for their kids when they are out and about. also, this would make such a great baby shower gift, don't you think?

how do you carry your babies snacks? does it work well? what snacks do you usually bring with you?


Amy said...

Love the pictures of Matthew w/puffs...absolutely precious :)
That is such a cool container! Whoa, just reminded me of all the snacks I used to carry...kix, wheat thins, pretzels, cheerios, veggie straws, dried berries, etc He he he, we could have survived for days if we ever got stranded somewhere...those days are here again!!!

yc said...

Thanks Amy :) I was glad I captured the few moments of him missing his mouth and trying to get the puffs in his mouth. He now has a 70-80% success rate. Those little buggers learn so fast! Great idea on the kix and stuff.

Hyun said...

Those are great containers! Granted our kids are a bit old for them (the big Lays Potato Chips bag is their preferred snack container at the moment), but I can see other uses for them. Both RoRo and Vivi collect "treasures" (rocks and pebbles from the beach, shells, marbles, beads, etc.) (BEADS! Yikes! Have you heard our bead+nose=ER story?), and they would make great little treasure containers.

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