Sunday, December 11, 2011

{silhouette cameo: train t-shirts}

i'm excited to share with you my second project on the silhouette cameo! {surprise amy and drew! i couldnt wait. hahaha} christmas is coming up and i really wanted to make some customized tshirts for my nephews, samuel and noah, and my baby boy matthew. it will be noah and matthew's first christmas. awwww!! samuel and noah were train conductors for halloween, so i thought it would be cute to make choo-choo train tshirts. each train car has the initial of their cousins, with their name spelled out as the puffs of smoke coming out of the smoke stack. i had some grey flocked and yellow flocked heat transfer paper, so i used the grey flocked paper for the wheels of the train and yellow flocked for the boys' initials and the stars. i love that it gives it another dimension. i'm looking forward to giving it to the boys on christmas day and having them all wear it together for pictures. heehee.

i used silhouette blog's great online tutorial on how to curve the letters for the clouds. remember, when you're making the shirts with the heat transfer material, you need to mirror the image. everything went quite smoothly, until i tried to mirror the curved clouds. it was flipping the letters upside down, rather than mirroring it. i sent an email to silhouette's customer service and they were awesome! within an hour, they emailed me back and figured out a solution.

Here's the solution to mirror curved words, so you can use it for transfer paper/vinyl:
1) Right click the text (not the path)
2) Select "Make Compound Path"
3) Right click the text again
4) Select "Flip Horizontally"

i {heart} my cameo!!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh, you are soooo amazing. Those are completely cute!!!! LOVE love LOVE them!!! You have such great ideas and your finished product is outstanding...awww.

Amy said...

You could totally sell shirts, Y!

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