Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{sidecar doughnuts and coffee review}

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As you can probably tell, I have quite the sweet tooth. Fried sweet dough--uh yeah. I had heard of all these trendy doughnut shops on the east coast. But on my last few trips back east, I did not have a chance to make it out to try one. Bummers. So, when I heard of this trendy flavored doughnut shop popping up in a neighborhood near me, I was quite excited. Sidecar Doughnuts opened about a week ago and I ventured out to try it this past Monday. If you are curious, their website shows droolworthy pics of sidecar's favorite flavors: banana nutella, birthday cake in a pink madagascar vanilla glaze, samoa, pb&j... The flavors change weekly and are only available until they sell out for the day--the flavors for this week: maple bacon, huckleberry, cinnamon crumb, guava, vanilla cake with chocolate icing, cornbread with sorghum brown butter glaze, twist with vanilla glaze, and bavarian cream. These puppies are not cheap, so, I purchased four: maple bacon, huckleberry, guava, and vanilla cake with chocolate icing for the hubs.

The maple bacon was my favorite. I have a thang for salty and sweet, so it was a beautiful marriage of the two. I think I had some chest pain after eating it, haha (jk). The bacon chunks were thick and smokey, maple flavor was subtle, and the doughnut was slightly denser than a krispy creme doughnut. I saved half and heated it in the toaster oven the following day and it was--delightful. i'm sitting here, wishing and dreaming that i had another one....

The other flavors were solid. The huckleberry is quite reminscent of a blueberry doughnut, with a slightly tangier flavor. Apparently they import their huckleberries from Oregon. The guava was...interesting. Reminded me a little of bottled sweet/sour guava juice poured on top of a donut. Not my favorite although definitely unique. And I took a little bite of my hubs vanilla cake with chocolate icing--nothing special--something you can find in any doughnut shop.

The coffee was delicious. At 3 bucks a cup -- its shockingly even MORE expensive than Starbucks (which is in the same complex). Ouch on the wallet, whilst thinking to myself, is that even possible??? Yes. Yes it can. And did I still buy it? Yes. Yes I did. I'm a sucker. Well, the coffee is apparently the famous "Stumptown Coffee" which is known for the "masterful, small-batch roasts." It was a lovely accompaniment though to the doughnuts and worth trying, at least once.

All in all, a fun experience. I would go back to try their new flavors....Anyone want to join me? :)

Location: 270 E. 17th St. Costa Mesa, CA
Hours: 7 days a week. M-Fri doors open at 8 am. Sat/Sun doors open at 8am (Till sell out)

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