Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bouchees Bistro Review - Long Beach

Are you craving sliders? This is an awesome place for sliders. Forget Burger King!
Bouchees Bistro is a fun restaurant that makes delicious sliders. As I was writing this entry, I was thinking that I needed to visit this place again for some tummy satisfaction. But, I just called them and apparently, they are moving to Pine and Broadway in Long Beach (a few blocks away) and will REOPEN in 2-3 WEEKS. The current location is turning into a taco place! Anyways, if you are tempted to try their sliders after reading this entry, do not fret! only a few weeks to wait...

The great thing about this place is that you can design your own slider. They have 4 base meats (angus sirloin beef - $3, turkey tenderloin $3, ahi tuna $4, and organic veggie $3). Then they often have a special - the last time I was there I had wild boar. For $3, you make a slider with a base meat, then you can add up to 4 toppings (lettuce, sliced red onion, carmelized onion, fresh tomato slices, oven roasted tomato, jalapeno salsa, garlic pickes, roasted red bell peppers) and a sauce (peppercorn dijonnaise, lemon caper aioli, spicy chili garlic sauce, homemade ketchup, buttermilk ranch, mayo, smoked jalapeno sauce, djon mustard, mesquite barbecue). If you want to add cheese, you can pay 50 cents (cheddar, pepperjac, gruyere, american, roquefort, feta, smoked gouda) or add premium toppings for 50 cents (avocado, bacon, shitake mushrooms). I usually order 2-3 sliders and am satisfied.

The angus sirloin and the wild boar burger meat are sooo delicious and flavorful and juicy. Its served on a toasted sesame bun loaded with all the fun toppings you choose. I have loved every combination that I've created. Bouchees also has pre-designed burgers for the decision-challenged. haha. They are definitely famous for their garlic sauce so try at least one burger with that sauce. Then, order a side of their crispy savory parmesan and herb french fries (sweet potatoes). Ugggh sooo goooood. Finish it off with an ice cold glass of coke. Happiness.

Website: http://www.bouchees.com/index.html

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Karen said...

I love Bouchees! Their sweet potatoes fries are delectable too!. :) if you go again, let me know! -Karen (carpool buddy to retreat)

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