Sunday, March 14, 2010

{adventures on abbot kinney road}

i saw some pictures of Abbot Kinney Road in Venice California posted on a blog recently and decided to venture there with my husband this past weekend. uber cute street with cool architecture, trendy restaurants, and unique boutiques. i'll review each place i ate at over the next few weeks, but i'll give you a little taste of our adventure in venice! :)

the night before, we had planned on trying one of the restaurants along Abbot Kinney, but as we started walking, we immediately noticed a parking lot filled with food trucks! the koji truck!! a hot dog truck! a vietnamese sandwhich truck! i had been wanting to try the koji truck! i just never mustered the energy to drive into LA to try it. fun!

developing quite a thirst after eating at the koji truck, we wandered into the store lemonade for a quencher. along one wall was a glass bar filled with these delicious looking unique ready-made salads and potroasts. in the back, i saw a row of colorful liquids dripping down these containers. yeees, so many flavors of lemonades to choose from!

after sipping our lemonade, we gave our tummies a break and started strolling through the streets. there was a store called bountiful, lined with vintage furniture that quickly caught my attention. when you step into the store, you'll see the ceiling dripping with sparkly chandeliers and shelves overflowing with beautiful vintage cake stands of all different sizes and colors. i L.O.V.E. cake stands.

i had read about this well-reviewed bakery that sold macarons, called Jin's Patisserie. if you've been a follower of my blog, you'll know that i love macarons. so, that was a must-try....after purchasing the macarons, we stopped at one last place. N'ice Cream gelatos and sorbets. ooo, i'll blog about that later, but...drooool....

after a day of fun, we drove off to our friend's house who just had a little baby boy, with a bag of macarons as a gift. cute hungry yet sleepy little man!

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