Thursday, February 25, 2010

{review of Kellogg's Fruit Crisps}

As a perpetual snacker and always on the hunt for new snacks, I've been noticing the commercials for these Kellogg's Special K Strawberry Fruit Crisps. Anything with the word "Crisp" in the snack catches my attention. I happened to find a coupon for these babies and decided to buy them. When i ripped open the package, each crisp looked amazingly similar to another favorite 100 calorie snack packs of mine (Newton's Fruit Crisps - Apple Cinnamon), except for the frosting drizzled across the top. I enjoyed it. Crispy outer shell. Sweet strawberry filling. It reminds me of a crispier, healthier, lighter version of a strawberry pop tart. I personally wouldn't have minded if they left out the frosting, but I'll bet that most people prefer it since it makes it a little more decadent and its still delicious. So all in all, a great snack. I would buy it again :) (I think the hard part is just limiting yourself to one pack in one sitting, which would defeat the whole purpose of limiting your calories for a snack if you opened a few packs at once. hehe.


soccermom4snoopy said...

Can't find Newtons Fruit Crisps anywhere in San Antonio, Texas
Already went to Sam's and Costco, and the web site still no info. ANyone know where I can get some of these yummy treats?

soccermom4snoopy said...

looking for Newtons fruit crisp sold in san antonio texas. haven't found them at sam's or costco. Any ideas where I can get these yummy snacks?

yc said...

Hi! I have purchased both the Newton's fruit crisps and the Kellogg's fruit crisps at Target. The Newtons fruit crisps are often placed near the fig newton bars, rather than where they keep all of the other snack bars, so it can hard to find. there is also a mixed berry version as well, which is quite good. Hope you find it!

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