Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thasos Greek Island Grille Review - Santa Ana

During one of my rotations a little over a year ago, one of my attendings brought us to Thasos Greek Island Grille for lunch. It is a cute small Greek/Mediterranean restaurant across from South Coast Plaza. It is a rather inexpensive place where you can get pita bundles for only 4.95 (just the pita) or the pita bundle combo (my favorite because it comes with 2 awesome sides) for 7.95. About the same price as fast food but even better! You order at the counter and then pick your seat. I've come back repeatedly for lunch (bustling) and also for dinner (which can be somewhat romantic) because I enjoy the food at its great price :)

Admittedly, I haven't been too adventurous every time I eat there. I always get the same 2-3 dishes everytime I go there and maybe mix up the sides (WOH! haha!) Generally, I either get the gyro pita bundle combo or the lamb souvlaki pita bundle combo. The gyro pita bundle combo comes with a decent amount of gyro meat, toasty thick pita bread which I love, topped with chopped romaine lettuce/tomatoes/green onions/red onions drizzled with their tzatziki sauce. As for the sides, I always get their Island Fries (which are CRISPY and seasoned with YUMMINESS!). Then I flip between either getting their Salad (which has romaine, olives, feta, tomatoes, onions with dressings such as balsamic or a lemon basil dressing!!) or their Mediterranean Slaw (i can't remember whats in it other than lots of cabbage dressed in their creamy balsalmic dressing). When I'm craving some lamb, I'll order the lamb souvlaki pita bundle combo. The only downside to this particular dish is that they always overcook the lamb (and steak). It should be pink in the middle in my opinion, which would maintain its tenderness. Its overcooked, so it can be a bit tough for chewing. Buut, nevertheless, I still occasionally order it and ask them to make it more medium rare....It is still never really a true medium rare and is usually overcooked, but at least its a little better than well done. Overall, a great place to go for a quick inexpensive bite to eat for lunch or dinner if you're craving greek/mediterranean and don't want Daphne's.

Thasos-Greek Island Grille
3940 S. Bristol St, Suite 113
Santa Ana, CA

Staff: Super friendly
Website: http://www.thewholepita.com/ourrestaurant.html


GarlicBOSS said...

looks delicious

MaryMoh said...

Every now and then I would love something western like this for a change.

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